EmilyJane Art

Emily Jane Cox graduated with Honours in Fine Art at Swansea Metropolitan University where she became inspired by natural forms and patterns as well as serendipitous self-determining art across a variety of media.

Emily’s work can be very process driven, often involving several distinct creative stages as the final piece evolves. However, the end result of her oil-on-canvas work is only partly influenced by the artist and has a large element of self-determining unpredictability. Emily finds enjoyment in the process of creating such pieces and the sometimes surprising results of her semi-experimental work.

Thread illustration is an exploration of drawing by free-motion stitching, often over-working into printed fabric where block printing has been used to both add and subtract hue using geometric pattern to contrast with the orghanic nature of the thread illustration.

Emily designs and cuts her own printing blocks and experiments with adding and subtracting hue as well as multicolour printing and screen printing to fabrics.

Emily welcomes enquires about commissioned work. Contact her by email at em@emilycox.co.uk